Media and entertainment
The Kenyan media and entertainment industry has slowly entered a golden era. Liberalization of laws has seen strong growth and has more potential with Kenya being the fastest growing market in East Africa.

We have acted as legal advisors in the restructuring of leading  television and media companies in Kenya. We continue to provide legal services relating to joint ventures & collaborations, writers, directors and producers, performers and actors and to all aspects of film, television production and finance in and from Kenya.



Conveyacing and development of real property
We advice on all aspects of conveyancing and development of real property including the purchase, sale, acquisitions and dispositions of real estate, licensing, tenancy, leasing, mortgages, charges and debentures. We also act for leading banks and mortgage finance companies, advise and act for local and foreign individuals interested in acquisition and disposition of property, stocks and other interests in Kenya. We effect registration of transfer documents with the relevant authority, and advice investors on project development and investment in real estate for commercial, industrial or residential purposes.



The term infrastructure has diverse meanings in different fields but is most widely understood to refer to utilities especially roads and airports.

We advice and arbitrate on emerging legal issues including construction law, collections, builders liens, investment strategies and technology industry analysis to hasten the implementation of the expanding infrastructure throughout the country.



Presidential and parliamentary election petitions
Kenya has been a multi-party democracy since 1992 when the constitution was amended to allow the return of multi-party democracy. Since then, multi-party presidential and parliamentary elections are held every five years.

Under the Kenyan electoral law, the election of a successful candidate can be challenged in the High Court of Kenya. We advise on and represent parties to election petitions filed in the High Court both at parliamentary and presidential elections levels.



International and local consultancies
We advice international and local consultancies on legal regulatory and compliance, international commercial law, public management, governance and joint ventures.

We undertake local and international consultancies on due diligence, risk assessment and integrated logistics & financial planning. We advice on prevailing business environment and opportunities and also act for and advice international donor agencies on key regulations affecting private sector development in Kenya, franchises, foreign investment & immigration law.



The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) under the Ministry of Finance is the tax collection agency in Kenya. It was formed in 1995 to enhance tax collection on behalf of the Government and has been administering tax laws in Kenya ever since.

We offer legal advice on Kenya and international business tax issues, tax planning, compliance, and taxation for individuals and businesses. We also assist in registration with various tax regimes and offer information on tax and money legal matters.



We have an experienced and successful litigation team which provides comprehensive commercial litigation and dispute resolution service before courts, arbitrators, enquiries and tribunals.

Our litigation lawyers deal with a broad range of matters including trust and fiduciary disputes and litigation regulatory investigations, take-over litigation, post-acquisition problems such as warranty claims, professional negligence, shareholder and partnership dispute, civil fraud, cross-border tracing of assets, insurance and banking disputes. We are experienced in co-ordinating multi jurisdictional litigation.



Other services
Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures, Family Law, Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents, Procurement Competition, International Commercial Contracts, Debt Collection, Building and Engineering Contracts, Trade Finance and Commodity Disputes, Public and Private International Law, Privatization, International Commercial Arbitration, Maritime, Public Procurement, Wills and Administration of Estates, Environmental and Conservation Law, Carriage of Goods, Notarization and Commissioning of Documents and Sports Law.


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